Saturday, August 27, 2005

Bob Hope Zombies

Ghost Breakers Would you believe that the film "The Ghost Breakers", debuted in 1940? That was before I was even born! How was it that the land of Hollywood was erudite back then? Since most people have never seen the film from so long ago, here is a clip of the late, great Bob Hope inquiring about Zombies, of all things. Imagine, this was even before the Zombie Jamboree that took place in a New York cemetery when I was a teen. DO NOT MISS ---

Bob Hope's Greatest Line (1 mb WMV).

Ruffles and Flourishes to my neighbor Paddy who lives next to me in Cleary Hollow, Virginia. His website,, usually includes clips like Watch the running Deere."

If you cannot get the WMV file to play on your computer, The Skipper at Barking Moonbats has created a mov file ( and gives this information about an alternative:
FYI: This clip was sent to me in Windows Media format (WMV) but since we have such a diverse audience here I ran it through a digital media tool I use called Cleaner XL to convert it to a more common format. This software allows me to convert video between Windows Media, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, Quicktime, RealPlayer formats and even creates streaming media formats for web presentation. It’s expensive but if you’re doing any work with digital video, especially for the web, I highly recommend it.
Linked at basil's blog Brunch: 8/27/2005 and 'Beltway Sunday Drive' at Outside the Beltway. I tried linking to Barking Moonbats, but it would not accept my trackback - perhaps they block Blogger sites, as others do, which makes Blogger a bit frustrating to use.

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