Monday, August 22, 2005

"Stop Global Jetting!"

Says Greg Gutfeld at the Huff and Puffington Blog!
No wonder they call him "Gutsy Greg" over there. At Arianna's very own blog, Greg is impertinently asking about her precious holiday at Ravello and Amalfi: "How does it feel to have seagull blood on your hands?" Greg has even conjured up a petition for everyone to sign:

THE PETITION: We, the undersigned, STRONGLY URGE A TOTAL AND COMPLETE BAN ON THE USE OF PRIVATE JETS. Private jets are an unjust and ultimately harmful method of transportation. A single take-off can produce more harmful pollutants than 100 cars driving 200 miles in three hours. This is bad for our planet. It is bad for our children. It is bad for innocent birds sucked into jet engines. It is also bad for women and minorities who are already marginalized by a lack of economic opportunity - the kind that makes it difficult for them to afford private jets in the first place (we call this the "airspace ceiling"). We urge everyone in America, primarily those who are wealthy enough to enjoy chartered private jets, to denounce the use of said jets. We cannot let these planes take off while our planet slowly dies. And birds too. " END OF PETITION.

How often do we consider that those Celebes who are in the forefront of banning the use of oil, are the very ones who take private planes instead of "fuel conserving" air busses where they would have to breathe in the same air that you breathe. In addition they prefer to sun bathe on diesel-guzzling yachts rather than on public beaches where they risk having sand kicked in their beautiful faces by the ugly. Greg is calling for a ban on all travel that creates emissions - whether jet, air, yacht or cruise ship. Save the birds he says. He is calling for some creative person to invent a "sustainable" method of transit:

-It can't be horses, since the methane they produce is extremely harmful to our environment. -it can't be walking, since paths and trails inevitably cause erosion. And we haven't even factored the harm our feet do to small plant life, insects, and lizards. ... THINK OF THE LEGLESS LIZARDS! The only answer I can see, is to take inspiration from Deepak Chopra's views on life, and kill yourself. Since we're already dead anyway, simply commit suicide ...
Suicide -the only rational alternative, when you truly consider a life without oil emissions and with a universal ban on the harming of living creatures and the environment.

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