Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Bush Fights Back

From Jerhad!com comes this breaking news:
CRAWFORD, Texas --- President Bush announced the formation of a protest group order to voice his outrage over the liberal invasion of America. The group will be dedicated to the withdrawal of liberal troops from America. "This is an unjust war on America," said Bush. "It's an illegal and unjust war. Instead of fighting conservatives, all this group is doing is encouraging the further recruitment of conservatives. They have to fight conservatives like they fight terrorists. With love, warmth, understanding, and fresh baked cookies. ... Let's be honest. Their real goal isn't to get us out of Iraq with their invasion and occupation of America. They just want our hemp. No blood for hemp is what I say. That's the real liberal agenda here. They don't understand that their actions caused people to become conservatives in the first place. ... The longer they occupy America, the easier it is for conservatives to find more recruits."

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