Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Escape from West Texas

We've all come into the late-summer dog days of August, when everyone awaits a break in the sweltering heat and begins to think of the crispness of the autumn to come. If President Bush believed that he could escape the Washington media by building his vacation home on the bleak west Texas plain, this year did not turn out as he planned. A gold star mother has made camp in the blazing heat of dusty Crawford, Texas. The news people seem stuck to her like flies to flypaper, as they always seem when they are swarming about their "darlings of the moment". Eight years ago we were hearing round-the-clock eulogies to the departed Princess Diana. Four years ago, Congressman Gary Condit was the talk of the town in the disappearance of his young lover. Gary Condit was quickly forgotten when came the second week of September, bringing with it the infamous September 11th. Just last year John Kerry's Vietnam record was on our minds. Then came early November and nobody cared any longer, especially John Kerry.

This Cindy Sheehan media circus cannot last. August will soon be over and the President will return to his Washington home. Sooner than anyone expects, something will happen to cause the national media to hasten to another event. We will be compelled once again to face the real war we are in, which is now going into its fifth year. Somewhere -- New York, Madrid, London, Washington, or elsewhere -- will come the next attack, which is likely in the making. When that happens, these lazy, hazy dog days of August will be but a distant memory. Cindy Sheehan’s tent will be folded and she will be left alone and abandoned by her now adoring fans.

So for the rest of August, stop reading the newspapers and blogs, turn off the TV, and take time to understand the founding documents of our nation. They are all free to read at The Library of Congress and National Archives.

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