Sunday, April 10, 2005

Bye Bye Byrdie II

Mark Noonan over at Blogs for Bush is hoping that State Republican Party Treasurer Hiram Lewis IV, new GOP challenger to the Byrd of Ole West Virginny, will be able to vanquish the King Of Pork. Alas, he was sorely distressed to discover a larger than life marble statue of the solan in the state's capitol. Mark writes:
I am extremely infuriated to find out about this: 'The Morgantown lawyer made his announcement near the base of a statue of West Virginia's senior Democratic senator at the state Capitol in Charleston.'
Mark Noonan was outraged enough about the statue, but imagine his ire when he learned the rest of the story - that almost every thing in the entire state of Ole West Virginny is named The Robert C. Byrd "something or other". Obviously, Mark has not visited the mountain state. He ponders how the statue was erected in the first place, as it violates state law prohibiting statues of government officials until they have been dead for half a century. Guess what Mark, that's about right! Anyway, since Mark still believes this is an "un-American outrage" he is saying that "we shouldn't be waiting for an election to get rid of Byrd, we should be impeaching him"! Oh dear, another impeachment. Mark is demanding "That statue should be ripped down today; as our ancestors once upon a time ripped down the icons of living political leaders who taxed and oppressed our people."

Any of you Mountaineers out there who would like to give Mark Noonan a hand or two as he topples another icon of tyranny, in the tradition of our ancestors, I guess you can find him over at Blogs for Bush.

Rightwing Nuthouse has this comment:
"What a weird feeling that must be! To know that a permanent likeness of yourself is already gracing the Capitol of your home state would give me the willies. But then, I must not have the ego and chutzpah to force the issue through the state legislature in the first place."
Bye Bye Byrdie

Praise God and -- Trey Jackson, at Jackson's Junction, made this Video Of The Byrd and his antics at Michael Moore's

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