Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Watch What You Say -

especially if it is the truth. Apparently free speech is not a 'biggie" in Norway, as the preacher is being condemned for provoking conflict.
Aftenposten Norway, Norwegian news in English:
"Norwegian preacher kindles religious strife - - Celebrity Pentecostal preacher Runar Sögaard is under protection by Swedish police after receiving death threats. A high-profile sermon where Sögaard called the prophet Mohammed 'a confused pedophile' has triggered fears of religious war."

"Even if I see Runar while he has major police protection I will shoot him to death," a radical Islamist told Swedish newspaper Expressen. Persons connected to the Kurdish group Ansar al-Islam claim to have received a fatwa, a decree from a Muslim religious leader, to kill Sögaard.

Sögaard said he fears for his life and understands that he has angered the wrong people.

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