Saturday, April 23, 2005

What Kind of God?

BAGHDAD — A Bulgarian crew member of a helicopter that crashed, killing eleven on board, was the only survivor. The Islamic Army in Iraq claimed responsibility for shooting down the Mi-8 chopper. Video was shown on Aljazera Television of the pilot lying on the ground asking for help from the insurgents. One of the insurgents yells at the victim in accented English, "Stand up! Stand up!" Holding up his injured hands the man pleads, "I can't, it's broken". The militants then pull the man up and ask him in Arabic if he has any weapons. He is then told to go, to step back, and the injured man is seen on the video walking away. However, God's will had to be enforced. The insurgents call to him to get his attention and as he turns around, one of the soldiers commands "Carry out God's verdict!" Then the soldiers shout "Allahu akbar!" and riddle his body with bullets. Allah is the greatest! But what kind of God is he?

I have not seen the video, as I am not able to watch such brutality as is committed by these murderous barbarians. However, Jihad Watch described the event. Dr. Sanity has written about this horror and she did watch the video. I agree totally with her words. This world is not a big enough place for them and us.

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