Friday, April 08, 2005

Europe's Faux Christians Fake Mourning

(Editor's Note) When I wrote this post I based it upon an Associated Press report of what I now believe was false and inaccurate reporting. Yes, just another case of AP's "Phantom Booing".

President Bush Booed in Rome

One can always count on the Euroweenies to proclaim their hatred of America. Even when "supposedly" in solemn mourning for their "supposedly" beloved Pope, and at his very funeral, they found in their "supposedly" Christian hearts to demonstrate their hatred of Americans by loudly booing President George Bush's image on the big TV screens. Is this is the legacy that the Vicar of Christ, Pope John Paul II, after 26 years of service, has left in Europe? What a pity. Here in the United States of America, we have granted the great pope the respect that was his due, notwithstanding that we are largely Protestants. For the first time in our history we sent a United States President to attend a papal funeral mass, accompanied by his wife and his father who is a former President. After all the years of Pope John Paul II's Christian teachings, the assembled Catholics disrespected him, his funeral, and all the citizens of the United States. If this is the future of Christian/Catholic Europe, there is no hope for them and their countries!

President George W. Bush and his family, at their own request,remained out of public view, in order to keep the focus on the pope. Their two days in Rome were spent away from the usual limelight. As they were mourning the pontiff, their images were captured by cameras beyond their control, and they were booed. How rude of Europe's Catholics! President Bush had nothing but praise and adulation for your pope. He said that attending the funeral mass reminded him about "Faith — it's a walk, not a moment, not a respite". How rude and disgraceful indeed, knowing that your "supposedly" beloved pope was observing all of you from on high. In reality, your behavior shows your true inner selves; that you are not believers, that your faith is shallow. You showed yourselves to be faux Christians in fake mourning garb.
April 8, 2005, 11:34AM
AP ABOARD AIR FORCE ONE — President Bush today said that attending the funeral of Pope John Paul II was "one of the highlights of my presidency" and made clear that he disagrees with former President Clinton's assessment that the pontiff leaves a mixed legacy. Bush talked about his time in Rome in extraordinarily personal terms, saying it strengthened his own belief in a "living God." He remarked on how affected he was by the services, particularly the music and the sight of the plain casket being carried out with the sun pouring down on it. As he viewed the pope's body, Bush said, he felt "very much at peace" and "much more in touch with his spirit." "I knew the ceremony today would be majestic but I didn't realize how moved I would be by the service itself," the president said. "Today's ceremony, I bet you, was a reaffirmation for millions." That was true for him, Bush said.

When Bush's face appeared on giant screen TVs showing the ceremony, many in the crowds outside St. Peter's Square booed and whistled. - Bush: 'One of the highlights of my presidency'
As for former President Bill Clinton, whose image did not get booed, here is what was posted by The Anchoress:
President Bush seemed to go out of his way to minimize himself at this event - to make sure that nothing overshadowed the pope's final tribute. He made himself unavailable for photos and photo-ops. As did his father. Former President Clinton however made himself as available as possible - allowing himself to be taped walking thoughtfully through a garden, being interviewed by Brian Williams. That's our Bill. The bride at every wedding, the corpse at every funeral.

"Where were all these people when the pope was alive?"
asks Daniel Henninger of OpinionJournal - Wonder Land. "If in the 26 years of his pontificate, John Paul had received half the emotional or intellectual support for his message that issued from TV's screens the past seven days, the crude troops of new culture in the West might well have faced a counter-force. John Paul's politics may have won in the East, but they lost in the West."
Regarding those faux Christian Catholics and their fake mourning for the pope, read what Catholic blogger Carrie Tomko wrote today:
What will be the legacy of the man who loved? Now that he has gone and the love fest has ended, will the world finally get around to listening to what he told us, that Jesus Christ is Lord, and that He gave us Commandments and a Church to mold us into the people He wanted us to be? Or will the emotion cool and the world move on its merry way still trying to mold Christ into whatever image the mood of the moment dictates?
Preach. Teach. Confess. wrote: Spectacle in Rome ... Isn't it wonderful when an American president gets booed during a funeral? Should we incorporate this into our own funeral services?

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