Wednesday, April 13, 2005

America Honors Life, not Death

American believes in the culture of life, not the culture of death. There is an interesting post at Jackson's Journal today. Daniel Borchers of reminds us that our founding documents do not bestow a "right to die", but instead make clear that the new nation should come down on the "right to life", by the use of phrases such as "“inalienable rights" ” and "endowed by their Creator". The Declaration of Independence proclaims unabashedly; "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness". No where in our founding documents is found the phrase, "right to die".

I posted at Kerfuffles in March: We have no right to die. Our lives belong to our Creator and it is by His will that we live and die. Our laws do not give us a right to die. Our laws do not permit suicide. When a person attempts to leap from a bridge, we do all we can to intervene. We do not say "jump, that is your right". We have no right to die, and neither do we have a right to kill other humans by starvation.

The post at Jackson's Junction speaks of Congress's intervention in the Schiavo:
"The Founding Fathers recognized the evil nature of the human heart and devised a complex system of checks and balances designed to dilute the power of those in government. The three branches of government are meant to check one another. Congress was doing its job in congressional oversight. Indeed, perhaps that piece of congressional legislation was the most important task it undertook this year as it dealt with protecting an innocent human life, with ensuring equal protection under the law, with raising the culture of life paradigm to national consciousness, and with taking a stand predicated upon the very principles upon which our Republic was founded."
I believe that agrees with what I said at the time of the new legislation from Congress at The Media Are Clueless.

Terri Schiavo and the Law The case for life

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