Saturday, April 09, 2005

Booing and Whistling at St. Peter's?

Well, how about this? Now the infamous AP (Associated Press) is reporting in The Seattle Times that the Crowds of mourners for the Pope behaved like angels despite the crush.

"Although there were a few tense moments when authorities closed the line snaking slowly into the basilica earlier this week, and some booing and whistling yesterday when the security screening slowed pilgrims' admission to St. Peter's, no major incidents were reported."

The AP (Associated Press) is reporting in; "As the security measures slowed the line of faithful trying to reach the square, some pilgrims booed and whistled in protest."

There now seem to be more reports of booing at President Bush which are not AP. The one from's Press Association sounds exactly like the AP report, "But when Mr Bush’s face appeared on giant screens showing the ceremony – many in the crowds outside St Peter’s Square booed and whistled". Der Spiegel is the other, and I can only link the original Der Spiegel German article, as Der Spiegel offers no translation. The wording in the German report is different, although it could be a result of translation. "Believers boo at Bush: Shrill hoots could be heard when a closeup of Bush was shown on a large screen. The crowd in front of St. Peter's Square reacted to the large close-up with Bush's face with boos and hoots."

The New York Daily News has this report from Charles W. Bell: "Geopolitical grudges were largely suspended for the day, but the international good will was interrupted briefly when Bush's face appeared on one of the 27 giant screens broadcasting the funeral and there was a scattering of boos and whistles."

Now I return to my original posting on this subject: Europe's Faux Christians. If they booed and disrespected our president at the Pope's funeral, well the shame is on them, not us.

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