Monday, April 11, 2005

More Byrd Droppings

Statue of Senator Byrd
WILLisms Blog says "The event would have been entirely ho-hum but for the ominous statue of Robert Byrd hovering above Lewis:". Look at the picture! He's right. There is the Bronzed Senator Robert C. Byrd hovering over the new GOP challenger, while Mr. Lewis is delivering his entrance speech. Byrd is actually in the pose and costume of a revivalist preacher, pointing to the Hell all will go who do not live by his words. What looks like a Bible is probably his "ever ready" copy of the Constitution. See the video below where he waves it on high while speaking to the MoveOners at MoverOn.Org.

Zsa Zsa's comment at WILLisms Blog says "What a Byrd brain? I hope all the birds will pay tribute to it." I think that is a better idea than toppling the statue. Smear some peanut butter on it's hoary head, release a flock of pigeons at the State Capitol Building in Old West Virginny, and the birds will pay tribute. - Not Really!

I kind of agree with someone in the Blogoshere who said that the Republicans should quit slamming Senator Byrd for his KKK connections as that is ancient news. Why bother with "old news" when there is such a bounteous collection of "new news". There is almost a guarantee to be even more "newer news" in future. The Honorable Senator Robert C. Byrd is the gift that keeps on giving. Bye Bye Byrdie!

Don't miss this funny Video Of The Byrd
made by Trey Jackson, at Jackson's Junction.

Picture from AP, Sat Apr 9, 7:29 PM ET , ,

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