Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Attention ACLU!

Here is our America today. A mall in New Hampshire is prohibiting teenages from shopping there on Friday and Saturday nights, unless, --now get this --, they are accompanied by a parent. What teen wants to cruise the neighborhood mall with his/her mommy along? ACLU where are you? It gets even worse for the teens as Nashua's Pheasant Lane mall is prohibiting "gang-related" attire. That would be the long chains that fall below the knee and studded dog or wrist collars. The management of the mall claims that type of garb can be used as weaponry. Give me a break! What next - shotguns, nail clippers, knives, perfume, mace, bomb-laden backpacks? One of the teens, Leann Newcomb, questioned the rule. "They sell that stuff, how are they going to tell the kids after they buy that stuff not to wear it? Isn't that a violation of your constitutional rights?" That smart kid Leann knows about the Constitution and its guarantee to wear any weaponry or bizzare attire one chooses on other people's property. That is why God gave us the ACLU - to find those rights that no one else can find. My Way News

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