Sunday, April 10, 2005

Against Any Reform Period = AARP

The Wide Awakes has a very good post on Social Security Reform and the despicable tactics of the AARP.
"AARP stands for Against Any Reform. Period. Or: How I Learned to Assume the Worst for Social Security and Despise the AARP

"Why? In an acronym: AARP. These letters comprise a political force that not only conservatives but also average Joe and Josephine Worker should fear and loathe. On Social Security Reform, AARP stands for Against Any Reform. Period.

"Message to the AARP: leave my money alone! In the words of the Angry Fireman from Ren and Stimpy: 'I’ve had it up to HERE with the likes of you people!'”
Social Security Choice has lots of detailed information and a post that says that the AARP is rowing in the opposite direction, forcing the reform boat to spin in the same place.

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