Monday, March 21, 2005

Praise God & MoveOn

Senator Robert C. Byrd opened his remarks to the MoveOn PAC crowd with "Praise GOD" and "Hallelujah!" and, astonishingly, received applause. Then he bellowed, "Let's hear it!, Let's hear it!" But his "Praise GOD" and "Hallelujah!" were not answered in kind, as even for the Byrd, that would be expecting a bit much of the MoveOners. Why can't the rest of us get away with praising GOD in our speech? He continued, telling the crowd that the Republicans "want to NUKE - NUKE - N.U.K.E. ... debate in the Senate". See the Byrd in Action as he rallys the troops to "fire the shot heard round the world". Trey Jackson has captured it all. "This is a nation built by God fearing people who want to preserve liberty ... 'Amen'!" "Be the Paul Revere - Spread the Word. ... Let's Fire that shot. Spread the word - high and low." The Byrd thanked GOD for the Constitution and they all CHEERED! "Praise GOD for the Constitution. Long live this Constitution" as he waved it through the air. Hear the thunderous applause. Glory be, what's a-happening with the Dems? Do ya suppose they's a-gettin' religion after all these years? I never did hear even one of those MoveOners condemn Bobby Byrd for forcing his religion on them. Curious indeed.

Bye Bye Byrdie

The Video is from Trey Jackson at Jackson's Junction.

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