Friday, March 25, 2005

Respect the Rule of Law

We are a blessed people to live under laws which were bequeathed to us by our forebears. Terry Schiavo's family are following these laws in their attempts to save their daughter from starvation. However, some of their followers are in danger of falling into mob rule, which would compound the tragedy of Terri's death. Prominent Christian leaders are urging the Florida governor to flagrantly disregard the law. This is wrong and would be a sad legacy for Terri. The government abduction of child refugee, Elian Gonzalez , by armed guns of Bill Clinton's Attorney General, has apparently faded from memory. For Governor Jeb Bush to abduct a dying woman would be just as wrong. Do not condemn those who have worked so hard for the sanctity of life. Although we are losing, the spotlight has been shone upon the lack of mercy of the judicial branch of our government. We can change that with our votes at the polls. It is certainly an injustice for a handicapped woman to be starved to death because her guardian has the resources to obtain superior consul. A greater injustice would be to destroy the road that exists to rectify those injustices. Do not allow the mob to rule. On the first Good Friday, Jesus, following the law of His day, carried a cross to a mount and and was put to death. Throughout history, many innocent people have died at the hand of the law. We who powerlessly witness injustice are charged with changing the future for those who follow us.

When the child refugee, Elian Gonzalez, was forcefully abducted, Laurence Tribe, a Harvard professor of constitutional law and apologist for Bill Clinton warned, "Miss Reno's decision to take the law as well as the child into her own hands, seems worse than a political blunder. Even if well intended, her decision strikes at the heart of constitutional government and shakes the safeguards of liberty."

Is this, from the World Socialist Website, any different from what Christian leaders are urging upon Governor Bush?
Leftists Urge President Clinton To Break the Law

The Abduction of Elian Gonzalez on Holy Saturday

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