Thursday, March 03, 2005

Dean Believes South Downtrodden

Yes, coming on the heels of last week's denunciation of Republicans as "evil", newly elected DNC Chairman Howard Dean this week is in the South on a "red, white and blue" tour of Republican states, attempting to convince them to switch their support to the non-evil party of the non-Nazis, the Democrats. Yesterday, in Jackson, Mississippi, he said "The South will rise again, and when it does, it will have a D after its name". Apparently, people from Vermont believe that because the South is Republican, it is still suffering under the burden of Reconstruction. Send a message to Howard, Vermont and the Dems! The South has been reconstructed and has joined up with the Republicans! The South has already risen again. Welcome to the New South.

Governor Dean has been greeted with the traditional hospitality that Southerners have been showering upon Yankee "visitors" for scores and scores of post bellum years. Only hours before the National Chairman arrived in the state, the Mississippi Republican Party released a press preface, "AIEEEHHHH!!! The incredible shrinking party. The Great Dean Exodus from the MS Democratic Party begins", as they announced the sheriff of Tippah County was switching from Democrat to Republican.

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