Saturday, March 26, 2005

Dr. William Hammesfahr

Dr. William Hammesfahr is a board certified neurologist who claims to be able to rehabilitate Terri Schiavo. He is a controversial physician, as is Dr. Ronald Crandall, also known as "Dr. Humane Death", who is Michael Schiavo's physician of choice for his disabled wife. There are charges that Dr. Hammesfahr has padded his resume by claiming to be a Nobel Prize Nominee, which charges seem to have validity. Dr. Crandall is known as a professional "expert witness". Both of these physicians have had their day in court in the Schiavo case, along with three others. Unless they could convince the court that Terri's mental health could be improved, there was no hope for the parents to stop her guardian from removing the tube. Terri Schiavo was in essence, condemned to death by a "jury" of five physicians. Unfortunately for her, this was not a real jury, for only three of the five doctors concluded her life to be not worth living. Even though two doctors believed her life of value, she is dying by the court's fiat. If only she had committed a capital crime! In such a case, she would have needed a unanimous jury of twelve to be condemned to death. The Schiavo case revolves around her legal guardianship, which, as her blood family has seen, is impossible to change. Snippets of that hearing, Schiavo III, 800 So. 2d, are at 645, are at HealthLawProf Blog.

In this case, the Florida courts can show no mercy to the family of Terri Schindler Schiavo, who cannot prove that their daughter can be rehabilitated. They claim she has not been given a chance to improve, but they want to care for her as she is. The only one who could bestow mercy upon them, is the "so-called" husband of their daughter, and he will not, even during Passion Week. 15 Apr 2003

Dr. William Hammesfahr spoke for Terri after examining her and is hopeful of improvement. The video is from You may Watch Here!

This is audio from New York's Christian Radio WMCA 570 & 970

Dr. William Hammesfahr - Segment One, Segment Two, Segment Three

Dr. William Hammesfahr - Written analysis of Terri

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