Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Queen and I

The Queen and I are in agreement. She obviously has read my previous post: Germany's 12.6% Jobless Rate. I am flattered to be in such distinguished company. Long Live the Queen!

Her Royal Highness has proclaimed that henceforth the French language will no longer serve as the language of international haute cuisine. The palace menus are now written in only English.
"As members of the International Olympic Committee attended a banquet last night, Buckingham Palace abandoned tradition to present each with a menu card written not in French, but English.


"For as long as anyone can remember menus at the Queen's official banquets have been written in French, generally regarded as the international language of cuisine.

"... there were no doubts as to where the Queen's sentiments lay. She even banned French wines from the menu, replacing pre-prandial champagne with Nyetimber 1995, an English sparkling wine, and choosing Commonwealth wines from Australia and New Zealand to accompany the meal."

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