Sunday, March 27, 2005

Ralph Nader: 'Save Terri'

"In a joint statement, Nader and Wesley J. Smith, author of the book 'Culture of Death: The Assault on Medical Ethics in America,' enumerated what they see as the many injustices in the Schiavo case.

They said the courts, under 'color of law,' have imposed a slow death by dehydration on Terri, giving every benefit of the doubt to her death, rather than her continued life. Not only has Terri's feeding tube been removed -- but no attempt has been made to let her try drinking by mouth. 'Terri swallows her own saliva,' Nader and Smith said. 'Spoon-feeding is not medical treatment. This outrageous order proves that the courts are not merely permitting medical treatment to be withheld, it has ordered her to be made dead,' Nader and Smith said."

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