Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Randall Terry on Scarborough

The following videos of Terri are from www.terrisfight.org, where they write "We believe the following videos clips give stunning testimony to Terri's awareness. These are in Real Media format."
Terri and her Mother Tracking a Balloon for Dr. Cranford
Swab Test Asked to Open Her Eyes
Terri Responding to Music "How's Your Cold?"
As you view these videos remember that it has been reported that none of the judges who has ruled on Terri's life, has seen her in person. Judge Greer who has been the principle judge in her case has never even viewed these videos, as he is legally blind.

If you believe as do I, that Terri should not be sentenced to death, stay on the side of life. It is a good side to be on. Do not cause distress and embarrassment to those of us on this side by harassing others who disagree. This is a difficult issue for all. Do not attack them for their beliefs. Those charged with the implementation of our complicated laws, deserve our respect. Do not disparage them without merit. If you are a Christian person of faith, remember to behave in accord with the teachings of Jesus. Pray for Terri and give thanks to God that you live in a land where the life of one person is so valued by so many.

Life or Death Struggle

Fifteen Years of Questions

Videotape: beyond the snippets

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