Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Faux News Is Good News

Have you ever wondered why the Laming Fliberal Blogs refer to "Fair & Balanced" Fox News as "Faux News"? I always thought it was because "faux" meant an imitation of the real thing, such as "faux pearls". Therefore, the Libs were implying that the news at FOX was an imitation of the "real news", such as found at CBS News and CNN. What a joke that is! Even though both words, "faux" and "Fox", end with an "x", the "x" is silent in "faux". But don't tell that to the Laming Flibs. They think "Faux News" and "Fox News" are pronounced the same.

Robb Allen at Sharp as a Marble blogs about it:

Something that had been a wee bit confusing to me is to see people write 'Faux News' when referring to that obvious mouth piece of the White House and Chimpy McHalliburton, Fox News. Both Fox and Faux start and end with the same letters, but have completely different pronunciations. Faux is pronounced 'foh' while Fox is pronounced 'focks'. Knowing this I cannot read Faux News as anything but 'foh news' which kills the joke for me. I never understood why people wrote that.

Until I heard some of the lefties at work reading a newspaper article with the word faux in it. They kept saying 'focks'. Guess that explains it for me now.

Sharp as a Marble! Now there is a good description of the Libs!

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