Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Germany's 12.6% Jobless Rate

German Jobless Rate at New Record
"Unemployment in Germany is at record levels. More than 5.2 million Germans were out of work in February, new figures show. The figure of 5.216 million people, or 12.6% of the working-age population, is the highest jobless rate in Europe's biggest economy since the 1930s."
This comes at the heels of last week's French jobless rate at 10%. So much for the "great" (ha, ha) political leadership of those two European countries. We Americans could help Germany and France, if we were so inclined, by buying some of their luxury cars, cheeses and wines. However, as was the case in 1776, when we became accustomed to drinking coffee instead of tea, because of our snit with the English, the sames seems to hold today. We have discovered in these "post War on Terror" years, that Lexus makes comparable vehicles at more competitive prices, Australian wines taste better than French, and cheese from our friends the British, has a much heartier flavor than those moldy fromages from the Continent. The added benefit is that Britain, Japan and Australia are our friends.

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