Saturday, March 26, 2005

A Beautiful Death, by Paul Felos

"She looked beautiful . . . In all the years I've seen Mrs. Schiavo, I've never seen such a look of peace and beauty upon her."
Florida leads us to the new way of death. We see the new culture; the culture of beauty, the culture of perfection, the culture of youth. It is a culture of narcissism, a culture of ego, a culture liberated from Christian mores and prohibitions. It is as prophesied, the Culture of Death.

Noted "right-to-die" attorney, author and activist Paul Felos waxed into euphoria as he described the dehydration and starvation death of a mentally disabled woman. In all the years he had known her, Terri Schiavo had never looked more peaceful and beautiful than after eight days upon her death bed. In the Culture of Death it is indeed a beautiful thing to see such an imperfect creature take leave of this world. Or perhaps Mr. Felos was contemplating the now empty malpractice pot of gold.

Only the perfect and productive are wanted. Grandmother who requires spoon feeding has no value and is naught but a hindrance in the Culture of Death. An accident victim must be restored to full capabilities, or else. No mentally deficient humans are allowed to exist when the world is in a state of perfection, otherwise known as The Culture of Death.

Michael Schiavo, his brothers and his lawyers have condemned the Schindler family for releasing pictures of his wife to the public, saying that Terry would have never wanted her privacy violated. Is her privacy what they were really concerned about or was it something else? Is it because they do not want the world to see a handicapped person? Is it that they believe the likenesses of imperfect humans should not be viewed? Should parents hide their disabled children from public view? The Schindler family has demonstrated that they loved Terri the way she was and that she brought them great joy whenever her face lit up in their presence. They understood Terri's spoken language, although others could not and Terri understood spoken English. Such simple pleasures were not enough to deserve life in the Culture of Death. Life is no longer a mysterious gift from our Creator. Life becomes a choice, an option in the Culture of Death.
From The strange death of the liberal West By Mark Steyn
"America this Holy Week is following the frenzied efforts to halt the court-enforced starvation of a brain-damaged woman for no reason other than that her continued existence is an inconvenience to her husband. In Britain, two doctors escape prosecution for aborting an otherwise healthy baby with a treatable cleft palate because the authorities are satisfied they acted "in good faith". You can read similar stories in almost any corner of the developed world, except perhaps the Netherlands, where discretionary euthanasia is so advanced it's news if the kid makes it out of the maternity ward.

"In practice, a culture that thinks Terri Schiavo's life in Florida or the cleft-lipped baby's in Herefordshire has no value winds up ascribing no value to life in general."
After exhibiting the Culture of Death to our children, we will still wonder how it can happen that a youngster on the plains of America's heartland will embark upon a murderous rampage and kill himself afterwards.
Seeing Signs of Life

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