Monday, May 16, 2005

Women Not Totally Superior

A new study at the University of Heidelberg in Germany has revealed that the bodies of women are not as resilient as those of men to the harmful effects of drinking alcohol. The BBC NEWS is reporting the results in the article 'Alcohol worse for female brains'.
"Women are far more vulnerable to alcohol-induced brain damage than men, scans have shown. CT pictures of the brains of more than 150 volunteers revealed how women come to more harm and quicker than men when they drink heavily. Scientists have suspected for some time that men might be more resilient to booze than women. The German research gives visible evidence of this.

"When the researchers analysed the brain scan results (of alcoholics) they found obvious evidence of brain damage among the heavy drinkers. The drinkers had smaller brains, due to loss or atrophy, than the controls."

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