Saturday, May 14, 2005

Senator Byrd to be Gored by Horns? - Senate Nerves Frayed on Filibuster Fight: "During an hourlong exchange on the floor of the chamber, Senate dean Robert Byrd ... told Frist, 'Don't leave this as your legacy.' That was a reference to a Republican plan to eliminate minority Democrats' ability to block Bush's judicial choices with just 41 votes in the 100-member Senate.

'You have a shirttail full of nominees, and you're going to wreck Senate tradition,' Byrd said.

Annoyed, Frist pointed out that Byrd had promised to support holding confirmation votes. 'Didn't you also say as the other part of that statement to the president of the United States, being critical of the potential legacy I might have to leave in order to stand up for fairness and principle, didn't you also say you would give all of these nominees up-or-down votes?' asked Frist, ...

'I don't remember what I said,' Byrd replied, 'a few or all or three or four, I don't remember.'"
Watch the WMV Video from, of Senator Byrd's response when he realized that after 36 minutes of dithering blather, Senator Frist was not hearing any of it, as he had left the floor.

"I see the leader has left. He left me all alone here. What about this? Hey. Where is my adversary? Where is my worthy adversary? Am I to be left here alone, to be gored by the horns of those ... where is my adversary? He's not to be found." To legislators such as Bryd, governing the county is naught but a game between adversaries. Nevermind that the leaders elected by "We the People" are unable to accomplish what we want them to do. Could not the "ole Byrd" have just as much fun playing checkers in an old folks' home. And speaking of "OLD", why do you people in West Virginia keep sending this old Byrd back to Washington?

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