Thursday, May 26, 2005

Deany Did the Deal

Yes - Yes - Yes, The Deany did it! According to The Museum of Left Wing Lunacy, Howard Dean, Chairman of the DNC, sent out the following e-mail today:
"We saw this week what we can do when we organize. Millions of Americans persuaded seven Republican Senators to abandon their leadership's drive for one-party rule. They joined Democrats to do what was right and protect check and balances.

Right-wing demagogues had declared their intention to win this fight at all costs -- this loss will loosen the death grip the right-wing has on the Republican Party.

We did this with organization -- with our petitions, phone calls and events. Most importantly, we reached out to each other and to people in our communities and mobilized them, too."
There you have it folks. The seven Senate RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) clomp-clomp to the tune of Dr. Dizzy Dean and his Deaniacs. Suzy Bird has a picture of the the "Insignificant Seven", with a caption that reads "They Folded Like a Cheap Card Table". You will see Big John McCain leading the pack. The Seven RINOs were: Lincoln Chafee, Rhode Island; the lady senators from Maine -Susan Collins; and Olympia Snowe; two senators from the South - John Warner, Virginia; Lindsey Graham, South Carolina; the Great One, Big John McCain, of Arizona; and Little Mike Dewine, The Insignificant, of Ohio. These seven heroes threw themselves on the Big Bomb, and saved the rest of us all from the "nuclear option" and certain destruction, while gathering effusive praise from Dr. Dean and the Dems. Purple Hearts to the wounded and Medals of Honor to the living dead.

ScrappleFace reported yesterday:
New McCain Deal Protects Democrat Electoral Rights, by Scott Ott
"(2005-05-25) -- Sen. John McCain, R-AZ, who earlier this week brokered a deal over judicial nominees to protect the rights of Democrats in the Senate, today announced a compromise with DNC Chairman Howard Dean which would effectively give Democrats the White House for three of the next five presidential terms."

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