Friday, May 06, 2005

'South Park Conservatives'

Remember when Al Franken was tauted to be the liberal version of the mighty Rush Limbaugh? It would be "oh so" easy, thought the "powers-that-were", however it just did not work out for them. Franken was not only NOT funny, he was NOT fun to listen to, being extremely tedious and boring. Recently, author and political journalist Brian Anderson, has written a best selling book which exposes the stranglehold that liberalism has held on the communications industry for the last twenty or thirty years. In it he reveals "that the era of liberal dominance is going the way of the dodo bird".
Scott Ott at ScrappleFace is now reporting
"DNC Funds Rebuttal to 'South Park Conservatives': (2005-05-05) -- The Democrat National Committee (DNC) today announced it would fund publication of a book to challenge the thesis of the new bestseller ' South Park Conservatives: The Revolt Against Liberal Media Bias', by Manhattan Institute editor Brian Anderson. The rebuttal book, 'Looney Tunes Liberals: The Peoples' Revolt Against Wacky Accusations of Media Bias', will 'chronicle the grassroots backlash by progressive Americans against the right-wing conspiracy to label news organizations as left-leaning,' an unnamed DNC spokesman said."
According to Scrapple Face, the DNC hired New York Times columnist Frank Rich to write 'Looney Tunes Liberals' because of the outsanding review of the conservative book that Rich was able to write after reading only the dustcover. "Conservatives ♥ 'South Park'", wrote Frank Rich on May 1, 2005. He continued, "Emboldened by the supposed 'moral values' landslide on Election Day, the faith-based right became the new left." Mr. Rich's forthcoming book will contain twice as many pages as the conservative book, therefore it has to be superior in every way.

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