Friday, May 06, 2005

Bill Maher Is Sick, Sick, Sick

Bill Maher and the audience of Craig Ferguson's television show seem to find pedophilia amusing and a source of humor. Who knew there were so many sick-o's in LaLa land? View the video for yourself here: What's driving you crazy? (QuickTime Required - Download Here)

Not only is Maher morally retarded, his thought processes defy logic, as when he condemns the entire country for its fascination with Michael Jackson:
"People don't follow what's important. ... All they care about is the Michael Jackson trial. And I have to say I watch it every night also. I watch the reenactment every single night. I find it fascinating and I find it telling. It speaks about so many things that are wrong with this country, the least of which is Michael Jackson." ~~Bill Maher, 5 May 2005
At this comment the audience erupts in laughter. That only encourages Maher to come up with a pun about Jackson and pedophilia, which elicits the response Bill Maher expects, more laughter and applause. He continues, becoming even more outrageous as he describes the relationships between Michael Jackson and the young boys. His behavior becomes so contemptuous that even Ferguson displays revulsion. This man, Bill Maher, is a disgusting human being, and both he and Michael Jackson are the poster boys for what is wrong with our culture today. They should be wearing large red letter "P"'s upon their chests to warn parents and children of their horrible sickness. And those members of the audience who laughed and applauded should also be condemned and shunned.
Bill Maher was a guest on Craig Ferguson's show the other night, and answered Craig's question; what's driving you crazy. The answer, our country is becoming a theocracy, the tabloid culture, and our perspective about crime. He used the Michael Jackson case to make his point.

'The whole country is becoming a theocracy... People have no perspective about crime ... I was savagely beaten once by bullies in the school yard... If I had a choice of being savagely beaten or gently XXXXX by a pop star—It's just me'
When we see and hear the real Bill Maher, it is quite easy to believe that he was in fact "savagely beaten .. by bullies in the school yard".

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