Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Jon Stewart's Take on Blogs

The MSM has hopped onto the blog wagon, Stewart is reporting of The Blog Phenomenon. CNN has two Vassar graduates reading blogs on TV, the latest of which was from "Skippy the Bush Kangeroo". You can even watch webcams of blogs on many of the MSM news shows. John says MSNBC has used blogs to "give voice to the already voiced", tauting the blogs of Chris Matthews, Ken Oberman and Joe Scarborough. Rob Corddry reports on "The Daily Show" that the bloggers themselves are protesting the readings of their blogs on news shows saying it is illustrative of the laziness of professional journalists. He then illustrates by reading one himself; "It seems the only thing these TV assclowns know how to do is to read blogs out loud directly off of a computer screen."

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Jon Stewart's Daily Show on Blogs 05/20/05, The Blog Phenomenon from

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