Tuesday, May 24, 2005

McCNN - New News Network

I have often wondered how it is that Arizona's Senator McCain manages to get any Senate work done, because of his repeated appearances on television. Jerhad!com agrees with me and are reporting:
McCain Launching Cable News Network
"WASHINGTON, DC --- Senator John McCain announced plans to start his own cable news network today in order to get more time in front of a camera. Frustrated that he can only get the main news networks to interview him for a few hours each day, McCain has plans to launch the McCain News Network (McCNN)."

"It's important that I am on television as much as possible," said McCain. "I'm not very popular with the majority of Republicans, but being on television all of the time gives the impression that I'm very popular. And that's why I do this senate thing. To get on television. Now people can tune in 24-hours a day to see me strutting my stuff and undermining the GOP to get more attention. I'm a genius."

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