Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Bolton Wins Bully Pulpit at UN

According to Scott Ott reporting today at ScrappleFace, the confirmation hearings in the Senate have proven that Bolton is indeed a bully and a terrorist boss. Ott writes that the thoroughly terrified US Senators, Democrats and Republicans alike, have finally been convinced and are set to confirm John Bolton.
'The Senators are intimidated by Bolton,' said one unnamed legislative aide. 'When faced with a threat like this, there are two natural responses -- fight or flight. The hearing room has been raging sea of adrenaline. The Senators can't take another day of Bolton's blunt talk and penetrating stare.'
President George Bush says that his inspired nomination of John Bolton to work at the United Nations, has been proven correct, for the U.N. Ambassadorship is 'a bully pulpit'.

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