Friday, May 06, 2005

I am Ajai Raj, and I am a jackass.

What is it about Ann Coulter that drives moonbats out into the broad daylight? Blinded by their moonbattery, they fly into one another again and again until they become even more batty, while fluttering unconscious into the midst of the sane. Here is Ajai Prasad Raj, liberal hero du jour, who was arrested for his activities at a university gathering where Republican parents believed it was safe to bring young children. The Smoking Gun has his mug shot and rap sheet, of which the other side seems so proud, that documents his arrest for "abusive, profane, and vulgar language and obscene gesture" at the LBJ Library Auditorium in Austin, Texas. As Mr. Raj recounts his heroic acts, referring to himself as "a jackass", his fawning fellow moonbats are condeming his arrest as an assault on the First Amendment.

Kevin at WizBang writes
University of Texas student Ajai Raj who was arrested at a campus speech by Ann Coulter. Raj tells his story of juvenile vulgarity at Daily Kos, winning him adoring cheers from the denizens of the Kozosphere for his gross display of asshattery.
At Daily Kos they are breathlessly clinging to every last word of the Raj's "Open Letter to Anyone Who Gives a ..." in which he gloats upon his three minutes of fame in "The Texan", on CBS and in the "Austin-American Statesman". "The general idea is that some jackass made a scene," he writes. "I am Ajai Raj, and I am a jackass."

Oh, most honored one, you are not only Raj, but you are RIGHT!

Right Wing Nuthouse hits the nail on the head with
GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME A MOONBAT - This has to be considered one of the most riotously ridiculous, self-aggrandizing, solipsistic, and sophomoric examples of liberal buffoonery in history. ... It really does take a special kind of nitwit to be a moonbat. And judging from this discourse by Mr. Raj, he’s going to need nitwit lessons to catch up.
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