Thursday, November 05, 2009

Tea Parties - Too American for America's Media

As one who was reared in the "former" United States of America, the Boston Tea Party and others like it were cultural icons, as "American as Apple Pie." Not anymore in today's America. This year when citizens organized themselves into modern-day Tea Parties in honor of their patriot ancestors of the Revolution, journalists of America's corrupt media immediately began deriding them with a very obscene and vulgar word describing a homosexual sex act.

Anderson Cooper was among the first of the so-called "journalists" who set the example for the rest of the rabid pack to follow. It was he who used the word meaning a homosexual act in April when Tea Parties were first being announced. Over and again Cooper gleefully injected the vulgar slang as often as possible into his derisive comments on the tea party protests. When his professionalism as a national journalist was questioned for such offensive language, Anderson Cooper eventually was forced to apologize.

But Anderson Cooper set the example that virtually all television networks and Democrat politicians today continue to use to ridicule American citizens exercising their constitutional right to assemble and protest.  These journalists and Democrats have no shame at all in referring to grandmothers, stay-at-home moms, babes in arms, children in strollers, disabled veterans, and whoever else dares to protest the government, with a homosexual expletive so vile, that most citizens at Tea Parties have never heard before.

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