Thursday, November 12, 2009

Selling Sharia As "Political Correctness"

Some observers of our present-day culture believe that Americans already live under Sharia Law. We are so PC that we euphemize Sharia Law as "Political Correctness." Under Sharia Law it is forbidden for anyone to insult Islam. We self-censor ourselves to always speak respectfully of anything to do with Islam; we disrespect ourselves, our culture, our religions and our nation in order to uplift Islam as our nation enforces Shariah law.

Last week, when we discovered that at least one Islamist Terrorist had openly infiltrated the Officer Corps of the United States Army, we stood in stunned silence as those who rule over us immediately attempted to convince us we did not see what we saw. They said we did not see a Muslim Radical gun down 44 unarmed American soldiers in their homeland. They explained that Major Hasan was just another deranged individual, whose religion was of no consequence as he committed workplace violence.

Our elitist betters have practically twisted themselves into pretzels to spin Major Nidal Hasan's act of warfare into something that they say American Christians do every day - massacre their fellows. America's media, military, society, law enforcement, authorities and politicians from the State House to the White House have been working overtime explaining, denying, excusing, dodging, blaming, and deceiving the American people. The treacherous lies of America's elites in defense of Radical Islam demonstrate their dedication to the enforcement of Shariah law.

Since September 11th, 2001, there have been 14,363 world-wide attacks by Islamists. Fifty percent of Muslims believe that Americans should be murdered because of their wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, under American Sharia Law, we are forced to not notice the Jihadis amongst us. We are silenced into submission and forced to turn our heads and look away as the evil-doers wage warfare against erstwhile free people, for to speak against the favored faith is a crime under Sharia.

It Isn't Political Correctness, It's Sharia

Be PC and See NO Evil

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