Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bury Political Correctness at Fort Hood

It was a cold-blooded murder committed by a Jihadi follower of a wretched ideology who, because of his favored religion, had been PC-protected for many years by the United States Army.

What happened to our brave soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas is a national outrage and the American people must rise up and kill, once and for all, the evil that is political correctness. Our government, our schools, our media, all of our institutions, and even our military are infested with the scourge which silences reason and paralyzes common sense. Political correctness killed our soldiers on American soil, where they should have been safe from the enemy they have sworn to protect us from. Instead, America's restrictive politically correct speech codes allowed the enemy within our own borders to form a fifth column which at this very moment flourishes, placing our fighting men and women in grave peril.

At this very time, a few days after a United States military doctor gunned down the very people the Army had placed under his care, most of America's media is still too politically correct to investigate the Islamist connection with the massacre and is continuing to come up with defenses for Major Hasan's treachery. Americans must await news coming from the overseas "London Guardian" which is not fearful of investigating and exposing the evil actions of Major Hasan. We watch with disgust as our our government, the U.S. Army and America's supposedly mainstream media institutions furiously attempt to cover up any inklings of terrorist connection to the massacre.

Political Correctness is a far greater danger to America than Al Qaeda and Radical Islam. Al Qaeda can kill our people, but the goal of Political Correctness is to exterminate the heart and soul of our nation. Wake up America! Plunge a stake through the wickedness of Political Correctness once and for all. Speak freely the truth and demand the same from your government!

Demand that treacherous journalists like Evan Thomas of Newsweek and Chris Matthews of MSNBC who ridicule Americans and spread untruths be punished. It was especially galling that Chris Matthews told viewers it was not a crime for a United States Army officer to make contact with America's enemy, Al Gaeda.

"P.C. in the U.S.A.: A deadly, bipartisan infection"

Honor Veterans By Declaring War On PC

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