Thursday, November 05, 2009

ObamaNation - A Single Party State

The ObamaNation is a single-party state. Single-party states usually arise from Leninist, fascist or nationalist ideologies. When the ruling party subscribes to a form of Marxism-Leninism, the one-party state system is usually called a communist state. However, communist states do not like to use the failed term of "Communist" to describe themselves, so they adopt more acceptable words. The Democrats of the ObamaNation call their nation a "democratic republic."

Barack Obama was elected to the Office of Presidency with the votes of university-educated youths who had been indoctrinated by Leftist professors with socialist and communist-leaning ideologies, and immigrants and ethnic minorities whose interests lie with the furtherance of the Socialist Welfare State. Obama proclaimed that his political and cultural views could be judged by the people he appointed to run his government. We now see that a large number of Obama's appointees are unabashed communists, Marxists, Maoists, anti-Americans and NAMBLA members, as are many of the official visitors to the Obama White House. ("Tell Me Who Your Friends Are")

Those who believe in single-party rule believe that it strengthens the sense of unity and commonality found in single-party states. Allowing additional political parties to have an input into the government would introduce division and stymie economic and political development. This one-party type of government was responsible for the great success of transforming the backward, agrarian country of Russia into the superpower nation of the Soviet Union (USSR).

The Democrats of the single-party ObamaNation believe that one-party rule enables them to legislate "good" long-term policies, such as nationalized health care that opposition parties would block if they were able to obtain power. They consider a single party system to be truly democratic, as their candidates are popularly elected with the help of government-sponsored entities, such as ACORN, government-run media and state-endorsed unions such as SEIU.

The One-Party ObamaNation has its own national ensign which is usually displayed with the face of Barack Obama superimposed over the flag of the former United States of America. The ObamaNation flag by SICH, was originally uploaded by tofz4u.

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