Friday, August 05, 2011

Democrats - The REAL Hostage Takers

Hostage Takers!
Although President Barack Obama has been accusing the Republicans in Congress of holding "a Gun against the Heads of the American People to extract tax breaks for corporate jet owners," the real "Hostage Takers" in America are the leaders in the Democrat Party. They showed their "Hostage Taking" bonafides in the 2008 Obama Presidential campaign when they threatened America - "Vote for Barack Obama or else we will continue to call out America as a RACIST™ nation."

Jacob Weisberg, editor of Slate Magazine, in a 2008 article titled "If Obama Loses" wrote that "racism is the only reason McCain might beat" Obama. So ... Americans capitulated to the "Hostage Takers" and elected Barack Obama as their President, rather than be accused of RACISM™ by voting for a genuine American military hero, John McCain.

Then of course, as "Hostage Takers" will do you, Democrats did not keep their promise. Immediately after the 2008 Election of the promised "Hope and Change" President who would transcend Race, the Obama White House and its army of acolytes called out Americans as RACIST™, even those Americans who had cast their votes for Barack Obama.

Hostage Takers! That's just how Democrats will do you.

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