Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Writings of Adam Serwer Lack Basic Logic

In this thoroughly disjointed pile of horse manure, Adam Serwer calls out Michelle Bachmann as RACIST™ because she read a biography of General Robert E. Lee. He quotes the supposedly RACIST™ writings of "J. Steven Williams" and then deduces that since Bachmann reads Williams, she too is a RACIST™. Problem is - there is NO such person as "J. Steven Williams." If only Serwer could spell - but that would be too much to expect of Leftist writers who appear in "The American Prospect."

She is also a fan of Robert E. Lee biographer J. Steven Williams, whom Lizza describes as a "leading proponent of the theory that the South was an orthodox Christian nation unjustly attacked by the godless North." Wilkins "approvingly" cites Lee's conviction that abolition was premature because it was necessary for "the sanctifying effects of Christianity” to take their time “to work in the black race and fit its people for freedom.” Not only that but as Lizza reports, Williams hates abolitionists and thought slavery was awesome:

"Bachmann's Views On Slavery Are Worse Than You Thought", except that Adam Serwer is not honest enough to tell you that they are not Bachmann's views, but are the views of the fictional "J. Steven Williams" as described by someone named Lizza. Here is some Good Advice: Adam Sewer should look for another line of work; misspelling deliberate. Adam Serwer's Writings Are Worse Than You Ever Imagined including misquotes, illogic, misspellings.

Although Bachmann did misspeak, using the name of John Quincy Adams, for Founding Father John Adams, she was  correct in describing how he and other Founders hoped for the abolition of slavery: "Every measure of prudence, therefore, ought to be assumed for the eventual total extirpation of slavery from the United States ... I have, throughout my whole life, held the practice of slavery in ... abhorrence." -- John Adams, letter to Robert Evans, June 8, 1819.

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