Monday, August 15, 2011

Dominionism - Christian Bigotry from Leftists

Dominionism is Christian Bigotry straight up!

Dominionism has been made up by Leftist journalists (Wikipedia ♥ Leftists) to smear Conservative candidates who are of the Christian Faith. This smear began with President George W. Bush, and after eight years, where is the Theocracy the Left predicted that President Bush was implementing?

Michelle Goldberg, the Daily Beast's authority on Christianity, has resurrected this over-sensationalized Dominionism garbage. Goldberg is clueless about religion and no one with a brain believes that Christians are plotting "political Islamism" as she accused. She wrote that Pentecostalists practice magic, something that they in fact view as sinful and demonic!

There is no reason to ever accept this Dominionism as anything but a cheap, bigoted hit piece against a particular religion, and typical crapola from Tina Brown. The Daily Beast & Newsweek are now The Newsweek Daily Beast Company with Tina Brown editor-in-chief of both. Believe her all you want, but she has covered herself in sleaze with what she has published, and everyone knows it.

Someone should ask these unthinking Leftists why, if a Theocracy has always been the objective of American Christians, was it not implemented 235 years ago when Christians were designing a form of government for their new American nation.


JP said...

Just because the founding fathers were wise enough to separate their religion and matters of the state does not mean today's GOP is. Did you not see Perry's evangelical rally? Totally inappropriate for an elected official and presidential candidate.

It's not bigotry to point this out.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan -- I feel certain that you would agree that Muslims have a Constitutional right to pray five times a day even when they are elected to a public office, such as Governor of Texas. Just pretend that Rick Perry is a Muslim, and you will not be near as offended at his Constitutionally protected prayers.