Saturday, June 27, 2015

Get Government Out of Our Bedrooms

President Barack Obama Tweeted his Same Sex Marriage Victory as #LoveWins,
with the People's House bathed in Gay Pride Colors, 26 June 2015.

There is a way around this overbearing legislating of the Supreme Court Nine. Individual States should get out of the marriage business. "Get the government out of our bedrooms" as some used to rail. Lawyers can draw up marital contracts; DNA tests can prove paternity; women of today have jobs and can support themselves; and when all that fails there is government largess (the Welfare State) for all. For those who believe in the sanctity of marriage and marriage as a religious sacrament, there is their church that can marry them according to that church's rites. Elizabeth Scalia wrote it this way:
“. . . the churches should reconsider their roles in authenticating marriage. Governments issue birth certificates; churches issue baptismal certificates. Governments issue death certificates; churches pray the funerals. Governments issue divorces; Churches annul. Both work within their separate and necessary spheres, serving the corporeal and the spiritual. It is only in the issue of marriage that church and state have commingled authority. That should perhaps change, and soon. Let the government certify and the churches sanctify according to their rites and sacraments.”
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