Sunday, September 01, 2013

Obama's Disrespect to America's Heritage

This White House desk that Barack Obama has disrespectfully planted his foot upon, is the historic "Resolute Desk," a gift from British Queen Victoria to President Hayes in 1880. If I had no other reason to intensely dislike this ignorant man who occupies the People's House, it is the glaring disrespect he continually shows to the historic furnishings that belong to "We the People." He cannot be anywhere near a piece of hand-crafted wood furniture, table, desk, whatever, without slamming his shoes upon it, almost always both feet. Someone should publish a book of photographs of his disgusting antics in this regard. The man has no respect for the office he holds. Imagine if George W. or Ronald Reagan disrespected American antiques in this manner. How the corrupt American media would howl and screech!

And to add further disbelief to outrage, the above photograph showcasing the President's ignorant disrespect to America, is an official White House photograph by Pete Sousa. Because it is an official photograph, some are describing this portrait of Obama with his shoe on the British desk as an "official" rebuke to his despised British for their recent vote of repudiation in Parliament, much like his return of the Winston Churchill bust. We remember Obama's recent attempt to slap the Brits in their faces by refusing to refer to their islands as the Falklands, instead using the Argentinian name for them. That snub blew up in his face, because he is so uneducated that he flubbed the snub by naming "Maldives" (islands thousands of miles away in another ocean) instead of the Argentinian name "Malvinas." Obama by now is well know for his childish snubs such as contemptuously placing his middle finger upon his nose when those he dislikes speak to him. The arrogance of Barack Obama knows no bounds.

Obama's Syria Speech comes to the President's Defense, of course: Steve Jobs did it all the time, and oh yeah, Snopes found a photograph of President George W. Bush doing it once and also another Republican President Gerald Ford (once also). So there! Ignore all those photographs of Obama with his shoes upon every piece of White House furniture he encounters, says Snopes.

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