Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Middle Finger Mosque at Ground Zero

Build a MIDDLE FINGER Mosque at Ground Zero and American Leftists will come.

Yes, the Muslim religion has the legal right to build a 15-story MIDDLE FINGER Mosque to America, at the site where a landing gear of Allah's war machine plunged, as it destroyed buildings and Americans in its wake.
"That the President of the United States has joined the chorus of those calling the Ground Zero mosque a religious freedom issue tells us a lot about the moral dry rot that is undermining this country from within.

"In this, as in other things, Barack Obama is not so much the cause of our decline but the culmination of it. He had many predecessors and many contemporaries who represent the same mindset and the same malaise.

"There are people for whom moral preening has become a way of life. They are out in force denouncing critics of the Ground Zero mosque." ~Thomas Sowell in "The Mosque Controversy"

Meanwhile, America's Political Elite class has come out fighting for the Man Behind the Middle Finger Mosque at Ground Zero. From President Barack Obama to Mayor Bloomberg of New York City to all major television and newspaper outlets there has been unlimited praise and support for developer Sharif El-Gamal, and his partner Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, both adherents of the Religion of Peace. While Imam Rauf is an employee and representative of the United States Department of State, Sharif El-Gamal is a common criminal, tax cheat and liar to boot. Whilst they are both darlings of the Elitist class of American Leftists, anyone who feels construction of a Mosque at Ground Zero to be insensitive to grieving Americans is silenced with charges of Islamaphobia, Religious Intolerance and the old stand-by of RACISM.

Who Is The Man Behind the Middle Finger Mosque at Ground Zero? NEWS at CBS NEW YORK Answers.

Feisal Abdul Rauf - The Imam Slumlord of NYC

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