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Hawaii's Islam Day Celebrated on September 11th

How American Muslims tricked the Hawaii Legislature in 2009, into celebrating Islam Day on September 11th.

"The Muslims are laughing. Why, yes, we are indeed.” Hawaii Muslims began by choosing to celebrate the founding of Islam and coerced a proclamation for November 22nd. Then they decided they would rather celebrate the day their Prophet Mohammad migrated to Madinah on September 24th of the "Gregorian" calendar. Read on to understand why Muslims were comparing the Gregorian and archaic Julian calendars.
Islam Day in Hawaii - September 24, 2009
State of Hawaii House Concurrent Resolution 100 HD 1 proclaims September 24, 2009 as Islam Day in Hawaii. The first version of the proclamation declared November 21, 2009 as Islam Day in Hawaii because that date is considered by some to be the anniversary of the founding of Islam. The date of Muslim Day in Hawaii was changed to September 24, 2009 after the Muslim Association of Hawaii noted that the Prophet Mohammad migrated to Madinah on September 24th of the Gregorian calendar, so that is a better date to mark the birth of Islam. (Hawaii for  Visitors)
Hawaii has no Christianity Day, no Judaism Day, and no Buddhism Day — but in 2009, Hawaii’s Senate passed the resolution to create Islam Day with a 22-3 vote.
Islam Day to be “November 21, 2009, marks the anniversary of the founding of Islam….” But that was soon amended to HCR100HD1 which intones, “the Prophet Mohammad left his house to migrate to Madinah and reached Quba in the vicinity of Madinah on the 12th day of Rabi ul-Awwal according to the lunar calendar, or September 24th according to the Gregorian calendar, thereby marking the birth of Islam….

This is false. September 24th is the date of Mohammad’s arrival in Medina according to the old Julian calendar—which is 13 days behind the modern Gregorian calendar. The fact that “Gregorian” is mentioned in the resolution implies that somebody was considering the two calendars.

Had the Hawaii legislature intended to mark the Julian date September 24 they would have picked the Gregorian date October 7, 2009 for Islam Day. Had they wished to mark the date celebrated each year by Muslims, that would have been the “12th day of Rabi ul-Awwal”— March 9, 2009.

But instead they picked the modern Gregorian date September 24, 2009. This day corresponds to no holiday in the Islamic calendar. But on the Julian calendar it is September 11, 2009. Canada Free Press

Immediately after the passage of the bill creating Hawaii's Islam Day, Muslim web sites across the Internet began celebrating the victory, while laughing at the Kufr (Muslim derogatory term for non-Muslims).
Islamists—including the webmaster of the Hawaii “Islamic Information Office” (IIO) website are on line celebrating the Hawaii Legislature’s vote to designate September 24 as “Islam Day.

"City of Brass" blogger Aziz Poonawalla of Madison, Wisconsin May 19 writes: “Naturally, there are some (conservative, Republican) people who see this as dhimmitude incarnate. This fellow for example warns starkly of burkas and bikinis (maybe he should read my essay...) and intones seriously, "the muslims are laughing". Why, yes, we are indeed.

The first commenter on Poonawalla’s blog post identifies himself as Hawaii IIO webmaster Abdul Rashid Abdullah. The Islamic Information Office (IIO) website is tied to the Hawaii-based Muslim initiators of the “Islam Day” resolution. Abdullah provides a link to a Honolulu Star-Bulletin poll on Islam Day and urges Poonawalla’s readers to vote.

The next morning “Indira” comments: “Nice work, that is also September 11 on the Julian calendar, no wonder you are laughing at Kufr.” (Front Page Magazine)

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