Monday, July 07, 2014

Obama's War on the Middle Class

The Limousine Liberals who are self-righteously condemning middle-class Americans for refusing to accept busloads of illegal aliens should put their money where their loud mouths are. They should welcome these poor so-called refugee children into their own multi-million dollar, multi-1000 square foot, multi-bedroom spacious homes in Hollywood, New York, Florida, Washington and all the beautiful places in America where the wealthy Social Democrats own their mansions.

Progressive Leftist policies are assaults on the Middle Class who cannot escape from Leftist lunacy. It is a War on the Middle Class who cannot afford to live on Martha's Vineyard, Georgetown, McLean, and cannot afford to send their children to pricey private schools. The Social Democrat elites live their lives without ever seeing the results of their policies. In fact, they don't even fly on commercial airliners anymore. They have no contact whatsoever with Middle Class Americans and no sympathy for them and their plight.

Here is a report of what the Limousine Liberals of one Georgetown neighborhood think of the "McDonalds-eating, overweight, blue-uniformed" security guards who protect them from harm: BLUE COLLAR SECURITY DETAIL IRKING LIMOUSINE LIBERAL NEIGHBORS

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