Sunday, July 06, 2014

Muslim Brotherhood in the White House

The Revolution Has Already Happened

While Americans were celebrating their historic election of the first black President, jumping with joy at Free Obamacare forever, not noticing joblessness as they collected never-ending unemployment checks and food stamps, cheering the ending (not victory) of Middle Eastern wars, praising God for allowing same-sex marriages in their churches, enjoying the new freedom to legally smoke marijuana, they never noticed that the Muslim Brotherhood had thoroughly infiltrated the White House.

Starting with the Arab oil embargo of the 1970s, under President Jimmy Carter, radical Muslims joined the Saul Alinsky wing of the Democrat Party to make the toxic triangle of revolution, criminal mafias, and reactionary Islamism. Since then, major money flows have been going from the ultra-radical Muslim Brotherhood to the Carter and Clinton centers, leading the way for the revolutionary victories of President Barack Obama. This is not an accident of history. All was planned and executed by Obama's radical leftists like Attorney General Eric Holder, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, Mafia partners like Senator Harry Reid, corrupt media barons like the New York Times, and Islamofascists like John Brennan, big “mainstream” media corporations, famous Silicon Valley high-tech companies like Apple and Google supporting Obama’s Progressive Policy Institute, and George Soros, who supports the anti-Israel front group J Street.
"It is very hard to know if we will come out of this mad state of affairs intact. America has teetered on the edge of Marxist disaster once before in its history, during the FDR and Truman years, when the fruits of the Manhattan Project were instantly transmitted to Stalin in Moscow, who was able to explode his own copycat bomb as early as 1949. Leftist betrayal is not new, nor is it unusual." from Dangerous Times: Obama the Betrayer

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