Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Suffering Culture Fatigue

In America, the Stupid Majority Rules & Depravity, Vulgarity Ascend

Thirty years ago in 1972, the United Negro College Fund began a campaign slogan: "A mind is a terrible thing to waste." The mantra is still the same, but American culture has deteriorated so far downward into depravity and vulgarity, that one can merely observe that what has been wasted were the words of the United Negro College Fund. The little girl in this video represents millions of children. She is obviously bright and her language skills are highly evolved, but her mind is being wasted by the uncaring, ignorant adults in this nation, the Stupid Majority. The person who posted this deeply disturbing video wrote "I Can Watch This Like 50 Times Lbs." Over 200 people "liked" it and almost 6,000 people shared it. With the exception of two or three, all the comments were favorable and encouraging. God help us.

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