Friday, April 11, 2014

More Pinocchios for Obama

President Barack Hussein Obama cannot tell the straight truth about anything, especially civil rights.

Barack Obama has always got to put himself in the central spot of history for the ages, even if he must fabricate. President Barack Obama honored the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act on Thursday, April 10th, in Austin, Texas, praising former President Lyndon B. Johnson's work in regards to civil rights. Obama said that he himself has "lived out the promise of LBJ's efforts." Lyndon Johnson, as John the Baptist of the olden days, prepared the way for Barack Obama to serve as America's first black president. Obama added that even with the power of the presidency, Lyndon Johnson never forgot his growing up in Texas surrounded by poverty and racial hatred. "He believed that their plight was his plight too, that his freedom ultimately was wrapped up in theirs, and that making their lives better was what the hell the presidency was for," Obama brazenly fabricated.

The TRUTH! Lyndon Baines Johnson did not grow up poor. He never cared about poor people in Texas. LBJ was power hungry, and had nothing but contempt for blacks and Mexican-Americans. Johnson got himself elected the "old-fashioned" way, by stuffing ballot boxes in South Texas. LBJ had nothing but contempt for American soldiers fighting in Vietnam. He stole the valor of World War II soldiers by awarding himself the Silver Star medal for riding as a passenger in a military plane. After spending more than twenty years in Washington DC, in the House, Senate and Presidency, he retired from government vastly enriched financially ... for reasons having nothing to do with legal activities. That is why he is a role model for our current Regime's leader, President Barack Obama, who is on the road to even more success in that regard than LBJ ever dreamt about.

President Obama did utter one undeniable truth: he commended Lyndon Johnson for his ability during his presidency to push through legislation in Congress, even in the face of opposition from the racist Democrat party.

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