Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Cuccinelli's Loss in Virginia due to GOP Treachery

"I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!" --Barry Goldwater

Virginia Republicans described Cuccinelli as an Extremist and say that is why they fought against him and supported the Democrat McAuliffe. However, the Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney writes, “Virginia’s Ken Cuccinelli would arguably be the most libertarian governor in the United States.” Cuccinelli has an A rating from the NRA; he promised to cut the income-tax rate 15% for individuals, 33% for corporations; he was against expanding the death penalty; he fought against the smoking ban; he fought Obamacare from the start; and he opposed Medicaid expansion. He was endorsed by both Ron and Rand Paul.

A Republican Operative in Virginia described Ken Cuccinelli as an Extremist that the Republican Party of Virginia found too repugnant to support. The political guru said that Ken Cuccinelli was mean to Virginia's Republicans calling them names "... you all are not pure enough for me ... you are a bunch of worthless RINOs ... you should move." So the Republican Party of Virginia nominated him as its Standard Bearer anyway. Then Ken said: "Hey why aren't you supporting me and sending me tons of money ... what is wrong with you Virginia GOP?" So the Virginia Republicans took revenge on Extremist Ken by supporting a Leftist Democrat for Virginia Governor, Terry McAuliffe. That made perfect third-grader sense. However, Ken Cuccinelli got even in the long run, because his loss reveals the true nature of the Virginia Republican Party and the National Republican Party too. Up until last night, naive Tea Partiers, Conservatives, Libertarians, Evangelicals had believed their home was in the Republican Party. Now they find the truth revealed that Republicans really despise them and their ilk and judge their creed as "icky, neanderthal." Extremist Ken Cuccinelli - turning Republicans into Whigs with one resounding loss.

Establishment Republicans Teach Tea Party a Lesson in Virginia
"A loss by Ken Cuccinelli was supposed to have been a wake-up call to the tea party that deeply conservative candidates couldn’t win in swing states like Virginia. Instead, the GOP nominee’s near-miss in Tuesday’s race for governor has only deepened the party’s ideological divide."
Going into Election Day, Republicans in the Old Dominion and beyond expected their nominee to suffer a humiliating defeat to Democrat Terry McAuliffe so they could then taunt their Skunks at the Garden Party: "Na, Na Na, we told you this would happen." But the plan blew up in the GOP's face, for when the election results came in, the margin was only two and one half (2 ½) points. Had there been just a little more help from the Establishment Republicans, a Tea Party Skunk could have won the governorship. What a revolting development. Ronald Reagan said "somebody who agrees with you 80% of the time is an 80% friend not a 20% enemy,” and he had contempt for the Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party (today's moderate or liberal Republicans), which feeling was mutual. Pat yourselves on the back Republican GOP geniuses for making sure your party is not big enough to include Conservatives and Tea Partiers.

Establishment Republicans who actively supported Terry McCauliffe against Republican Nominee Ken Cuccinelli:
"When Cuccinelli’s “moderate” Republican rival for the nomination, the state’s former Lt. Governor, publicly attacked Cuccinelli and privately urged donors not to support him, the DC Establishment said nothing. Had a conservative done the same to a moderate Republican—taken his marbles and gone home when he did not win the primary—the uproar would have been deafening." (The Republican Establishment Lost Virginia)
Bill Bolling, Virginia's Lieutenant Governor, miffed that he did not win the gubernatorial nomination, went on to question Cuccinelli’s electability, praised Democrat nominee Terry McAuliffe, and, although he eventually opted against it, publicly weighed a campaign to torpedo Cuccinelli’s chances in the general election. (Nine Best Sore Losers Moments in Politics)
  •  Bill Bolling, Lieutenant Governor of Virginia
  •  Eric Cantor's former Chief of Staff, Boyd Marcus 
  •  Former RNC finance chairman Dwight Schar 
  •  GOP strategist Judy Ford Wason 
  •  Virginia Sen. John Chichester, ex-GOP president pro tempore of the Virginia Senate 
  •  Former state GOP Sen. Russ Potts 
  •  Former Virginia GOP delegates: Vince Callahan, Katherine Waddell, Jim Dillard
  •  Former Republican legislators: Delegate Panny Rhodes, Delegate Robert Bloxom, Delegate Preston Bryant
  •  Former Tourism chair of Governor McDonnell’s Economic Development and Jobs Creation Commission, Bruce Thompson.
Press Release from McAuliffe for Governor
Cantor's ex-Chief of Staff Helped Democrat McAuliffe to Victory

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