Friday, November 01, 2013

African-Americans Don't Like being African?

How's 'Sub-Sharan-African-American' Sound?

Morgan Freeman today weighed in noting that political correctness has forced upon him the label of “African” in the term “African-American.” He doesn't like it one bit, as he says he is not African. "I mean, you get — politically correct stuff happens that you don’t want to happen. I all of a sudden became an African — political correctness, African-American. I’m not African.

MORGAN FREEMAN TALKS POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: 'I all of a sudden became an African.'

Really? Who knew? Morgan Freeman's comment would be unbelievable if we had not already become accustomed to the capriciousness of the First Black President, Barack Obama, after these past five years.

For the multiple grievances filed, redressed, endured, it has come to this? African-Americans don't want to be African any more? Morgan Freeman's folk decided long ago that they were no longer Negroes except when someone is donating to the United Negro College Fund. They preferred "Colored" as in "People of Color." Eventually, it became a terrible slur to use that word so they went so far as to change the name of their beloved National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to the "N - Double A - CP," NAACP. Then they decided that "Black" was beautiful, until for some reason known only to them, Black lost its luster, ... except for the Congressional Black Caucus. During all their own name-changings, their political correctness went as far as renaming White Caucasians as European-Americans which no real Americans appreciated.

Now the Black Colored Non-Causcasian African-Americans have decided they don't like being African any more. Maybe they don't want to be confused with the real African immigrants who have come to America in recent years. Well, knock yourselves out guys deciding who you really are. The rest of us are no longer interested. We know who we are, as you have called us Racist too many times.

As for me, myself, I am a real African American, so don't go nuts calling me Racist. My paternal grandfather came from South Africa, and until the 1980s, it never dawned on me that I could be identified as "African-American." However my connection to Africa is but one generation away, far closer than any of you all who were once clamoring to be titled "African-American." I have no idea how you now want to be identified. Perhaps you will go for the more precise nomenclature of "Sub-Sharan-African-American." Whatever floats you boat ... for a while at least.

I'm White, that's okay with me. I'm Caucasian and that's okay too as it is my race. I don't identify as African-American nor European-American, so you can call me that if you must, but I won't answer. I'm just plain American - that is my nationality. So sorry that you got bamboozled by all that Political Correctness going around and got turned into Africans against your will. That is sad, but it is really your own damn fault.

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