Saturday, November 03, 2012

The Real Unskewed Poll for 2012

Here's the REAL POLL, boys and girls; the Unskewed Poll: Romney 359 - Obama 179. Keep Praying for Reality to Happen. Pray for America.

I LOVE this Poll: Romney-Ryan win all of REAL America! Obama gets Gangster-land; all of the effete, La-Di-Da Northeast except "Live Free or Die" Land; the Land of Fruits and Nuts and Hollywood Degenerates; Washington the State where grow the Fruits and Nuts that California eats; and Hawaii-Who Loves-0 Who Cares-0.

All polls showing an Obama win are wrong. Not one of them can explain how Obama wins re-election. Obama is a LOSER and he knows it. Polling Models, Skewed & Unskewed

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